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Click here seems like every major vk jonn22 several dozen lesser ones— is now selling a. The American Tactical Imports VK gives you an M4-styled flattop.

Did I get vk jonn22 great deal, or what? Keep the latter option in mind. But for the sake of truthfulness I would have called this rifle the EK Enthusiasm Killer instead. Vk jonn22 scope rings will co-witness with the front sight pillar, vk jonn22 the front sight sight base will obstruct much of the scope. The inch M4-contour barrel is a dead ringer for the real thing save its tiny rimfire chamber and missing gas port.

Designed for the utmost in visual verisimilitude, it sports vk jonn22 A2 flash hider, forward sling swivel, grenade launcher vk jonn22 and a bayonet lug. The foregrip halves are held in place by the a spring-loaded collar at the rear, just like a real AR. The mainspring requires just a bit over four lbs.

The bolt reciprocates very smoothly via the fully-functional charging handle. The full-size polymer magazine has a handy thumb-loading button. This really helps, because for most of us, the magazine holds 28 rounds. If you live in an anti-gun state it sucks to be you; you only get a bulky rounder. The bolt will still hold open after the vk jonn22 shot, but it releases when you drop the empty magazine. Both of mine fed and functioned well as long as I followed the proper loading procedure, arrived at by trial and error.

Pull the loading button down just far enough to slide in one more round at a time. If you pull the spring too far down, the. During one of my range testing days with Joe Grine, we lent the ATI magazines to several other shooters who were having fits with vk jonn22 Black Dog aftermarket. The ATI versions fed perfectly in their rifles. They fed many different brands of ammo with less drama than an episode of Antiques Road Show —with the vk jonn22 of some Winchester lead hollowpoints vk jonn22 a fairly flat nose.

The Winnies tended to jam upwards between the vk jonn22 and the face of the charging handle. Read article were a real PITA to clear; I had to hold the bolt back with my finger not the charging handle and wiggle my other hand up inside the magazine well.

They make ARs, milled AKs, and even a. The milling on the lower vk jonn22 is decent. While serviceable, the lower receiver assembly is a few quality notches lower than the ArmaLite M I tested earlier this year.

The parts kit is obviously a really cheap one. Triggers and hammers should be made of high-quality hardened steel. If they ever wear out, they should do so after many thousands of rounds, not just a few hundred. The VK also has lots of sharp edges waiting to cut your fingers around the grip and trigger guard.

The stock El-Cheapo grips were a tad undersized for a full-fisted chap like myself, and the very sharp edges of the gap dug into the top of my middle finger. The MOE grip components provide a more hand-filling grip, fill the annoying gap, and open vk jonn22 the trigger guard for gloved shooting.

The VK gave disappointing accuracy during initial testing. At 50 yards it would deliver approximately one-inch groups using the cheapest brands of ammunition I could find: Federal bulk-pack and old Winchester Wildcat. I tightened it firmly, with the result that the barrel no longer wobbles, but the front handguards are now canted slightly clockwise and the Magpul virti-grip now hangs at instead vk jonn22 A lawyer friend here has been perfectly with his new VK, which was bought the day before mine.

My example, however, has been a shiny tart lemon, plagued with fundamental mechanical defects that have rendered it either impossible or unsafe to operate. Most of my time with this gun has been spent trying to zero it, trying vk jonn22 fix it, or waiting for replacement parts.

The VK came out of the box and shot quite well for the first more info, before the bolt broke and put the gun completely out vk jonn22 action. The new bolt installed easily and worked perfectly. Note: Conventional Internet Wisdom suggests avoiding hypervelocity. In a more relaxed legal climate, an infrequent double-fire might be considered an amusing malfunction that you vk jonn22 want to get fixed before you took the gun out shooting again.

Instead of being an isolated break-in phenomenon, however, the double-firing continued throughout testing. As the trigger pull дорохин евгений much of its gritty feeling and lightened to about five pounds the vk jonn22 became more frequent. We discontinued testing at this point for safety reasons, and to vk jonn22 being thrown заработок на avito the range.

I discovered I could recreate the problem at home by dry-firing the gun and holding the trigger back while I racked кейс заработок charging авито центр. Each time I released the trigger forward to reset the disconnector, the hammer would fly forward and the gun would dry-fire again. This indicates that the problem is not vk jonn22 disconnector, but vk jonn22 the hammer and trigger themselves.

I contacted ATI with a detailed description vk jonn22 the problem, but it was a vk jonn22 weekend and I did not expect an immediate followup.

I emailed ATI again a few days later. I would have tried to use their warranty registration pagebut it was still down. Just like it was when the bolt broke more than a month ago. My emails got no response, so I called their customer service number and was diverted to voicemail. Selling a mil-spec AR lower with a dedicated. But… Vk jonn22 VK itself is a deplorable piece of trash. Even the best vk jonn22 occasionally vk jonn22 a product that breaks, but our test VK suffers from so many manufacturing and assembly defects that it reminds me that my factory-reject Marlin C was at least mechanically sound, safe, and functional when it left the factory.

The VK is not. Vk jonn22 a mean time between catastrophic failures of about rounds, it proudly earns ZERO stars despite being blessed with good magazines. I like the angled buttstock, but I had to replace the grip and trigger guard. Our test gun is charitably best described as an entry-level parts kit. We see how it stacks up. Sounds like the bar is set low. Come on Intelligensia, I need more reviews!

The AR is better looking than the AK22 or the MP GSG makes. Joe Grine just got a. It may take me a bit longer to get vk jonn22 GSG Vk jonn22 article up.

Might be an option for those searching for a reliable. My friend has a Sig …never has it failed to fire or stovepiped or jammed. He had to get the new bolt for it newer ones come with it but has never had a problem with the rifle. Very reliable but it comes without sights vk jonn22 you need to buy some. It would seem that the lower was originally going to be a 5. Smart thinking for a company worried about the bottom line but not so good when it has issues down the road.

There are a lot of fun. In 10 comments I got a new idea sig 22 and a future review on an idea I already had gsg mp5. And for close-range defensive-shooting practice, teaching new-comers or kids, or just plain plinking cans or small game. I just came home from the range. Never a single problem. I shot it tonight, about rnds. No problems at all.

I think that is where someone should spend their money if they want such a product. If you do a review of the GSG. I do not own the GSG version and have only fondled it at vk jonn22 gun store, but it feels plasticky and cheap, and I have heard mixed things about it reliability, feeding, disassembly.

If you vk jonn22 the idea of a dedicated. I have a VK and had the bolt break replaced within a few weeks and also had the doubling. Now I have it working. My only complaint is that I get the occassional stovepipe and sometimes it gets jammed n the top of the charging handle so I need to break open the gun and pull out the bolt carrier assembly to get the shell to drop. I purchased one of the uppers in November. When I took it to the range, I had several cases completely blow out at vk jonn22 rim.

When I checked the rest of the cases I saw most were vk jonn22 out just above the rim. I contacted their service and submitted a request for RMA. It was issued and I shipped the upper back. In the case I also included a complete description of what had happened, what I had done to diagnose the problem, and one bulged and one blown out brass in a plastic bag stapled to the paperwork. They vk jonn22 60 to 90 day turn around, which I felt was a bit much, but nothing I can do about it.

At the end of 3 months I emailed as I had not seen my upper. This was on the 5th of July. On the vk jonn22 I was told that they were out of replacement parts and a shipment was due later in the month. On the 6th of August I again contacted them and expressed my displeasure with with being 4 months into their 60 — 90 day turn around period. This is NOT what I would consider quality product or quality service and will avoid the brand completely in the future.

I can vouch for how lousy this upper is. Bought it because I wanted something cheap to practice with, ended up selling it after I fixed it.

I ended up buying a stripped DPMS upper and stainless CMMG. Do vk jonn22 waste your money on this thing from ATI. I picked vk jonn22 a CMMG conversion bolt and it works fine but vk jonn22 my barrel pretty bad. At least it works. The ar15 is not one. The mini however is. This is often done on purpose to increase cyclic rates. The difference is the firing pin disconnect. The mini14 has one the ar15 does not. The problem occurs when the sear disconnector and the primary sear have too large of a gap between them.

If you held it just right the sears would not engage either and the gun will have a situation known as Hammer follow. In this situation all that is needed to fix the trigger is to time the disconnector forward by filing the bottom portion where it rests against the the trigger bar.

Time this forward until the primary sear cannot miss upon release. The only fix is to replace them with FCG parts made from the proper steel alloys. This is a common problem with cheap ARs and no-name gun show AR parts. ATI clearly chose to save a couple of dollars by using crap probably Chinese import FCG parts rather than ones vk jonn22 from the correct alloy to the correct specification.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Gun Review: American Tactical Imports VK September 7, vk jonn22 I assume you are referring to the David Olofson debacle, wherein a man was sent vk jonn22 prison for vk jonn22 months for a malfunctioning AR February 28, at September 13, at I really like ARs, and I really like.

September 8, at September 9, at September 16, at June 3, at August 8, at August 30, at That does not look like metal shavings, it looks like unburned rimfire powder residue. September 29, at November 14, at March 13, vk jonn22 The trigger malfunction spoke of here is legal if done on certain weapons. Bam no more doubling Reply. Surly Old Armorer says:. September 4, at You might try calling Chiappa in Dayton, Ohio on for direct phone contact. Leave a Reply Vk jonn22 reply. Read TTAG In Your Language:.

Defensive Gun Use of the Day. Firearms Pocket Dump of vk jonn22 Day. Gun Hero of the Day. I Am A Gun Owner. Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin. Question of the Day. Quote of the Day. The Range at Austin. What I Carry and Vk jonn22. C Products Leaves Connecticut for Florida — Trickle or Deluge? Glock Recalls Recoil Spring Assemblies on Gen4 Guns Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

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